About Us

Mountain Pole House is a documentation of our journey to build our own home, doing as much of the work as we can ourselves. We start the journey after having just bought a plot of land in beautiful rural region of Virginia, not far from Washington DC. The land is almost completely undeveloped, the only thing provided is the road next to it and the possibility of hooking up electricity. Everything else we will have to take care of ourselves; septic, well, landscaping and of course, the house itself.

The plot is located on the side of a mountain in the Shenandoah valley and has a spectacular view. For this reason we are going to build a pole house so that we can get as much as possible out of the view. Another benefit of using a pole house construction method is that we will not have to excavate. This can be very expensive on a piece of land with a steep slope.

Follow us as we move forward and detail every step of the way, from how we picked the piece of land, to how we designed the house, sourced the materials, got help… the list goes on.

Meet the crew:

Ágúst, the programmer


Benjamin, the 3D Artist


Daníel Valur, our boy


Ágúst is a programmer, currently working as an Android developer. Ben, or Sæþór, is a 3D artist and is currently working as a freelancer and taking care of Daníel. Daníel is currently 15 months old and getting more precious every day. He can’t help right now but we are sure he’ll love to go to Virginia and help in the mountains in just a few more years.

We’re really looking forward to this project. Even if it might seem like slow progress, something is always happening. The cogs never stop turning, at least not for long.